Watch A Ferrari F12 Echo Along French Hills

Ever wondered what it’s like to drive/be a passenger of a Ferrari F12 Berlinetta? Well wonder no more as YouTube user, Marchettino, provides us with a first person view of what it’s like to ride in the F12 around the roads of southern France. No matter what you like, whether it’s muscle, import or milk floats, just devour yourself with the accelerations, downshifts and revs of that Ferrari 730bhp V12 engine echoes throughout the French hills.

Ride With The Stig

Experience a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black Series on Top Gear’s Test Track like never before. Oh and the driver? Some say he’s The Stig.

This isn’t a run-of-the-mill GoPro strapped to a £200,000 car, it’s a 360 degree camera somewhat similar to what Google uses for their Street View modes, only this is a video and you can zoom in/out and rotate the camera to an angle that suits you best.

It’s friggin’ awesome.

Video: Jingle Bells – Symphony Of Thunder

Christmas is just 2 weeks away and  we’re all getting into the festive spirits with our Santa hats and shopping sprees. In all the immense excitement, even cars are started to gear up for Christmas by singing a lovely Christmas carol for us, Jingle Bells… Using V8s, V10s and V12s.

video: Heroic Porsche Driver

Daejeon City, Republic of Korea.

The driver of this modified Porsche 997 convertible saved the day as he blocked in the car that hit a motorcyclist just moments before and drove on as if nothing happened.

“The hit-and-run car was boxed in by Porsche 911 turbo, black sedan, and driver of this vehicle(Taxi)
“The driver of the hit-and-run car didn’t know what happened.”
“I can smell alcohol from her breath”

it could have been more serious tragic,
but the motorcycle rider was ok.

The interviewer received awards from police commissioner.
but he wanted more than just award.

he wishes.
“it’s pain and suffering for both party, i wish people don’t drink & drive and no hit-and-run”

Video: GT-R Hits A Barrier

In a dragrace, on a very wet track. Wait, is that a woman?

Yes it is.

Video from Dragtimes. Unlim 500+.


Launch Control: 991 GT3

Climb aboard the insane 991 GT3 for a flat six, 475 horsepower, 9000RPM  dobbelkupplungsgetriebe 0 to 200 km/h launch. Engine sounds strong, capable and awesome! What a machine!

Video by Magazine Motorsport


Twin Turbo Gallardo Breaks World Record


Because at Unlim500+ in Russia, a stock Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 with a V10 and 560 horsepower just doesn’t cut it. Might be enough for most of us, but not if you want to join the Russian Unlim recordholders.  Welcome then, to the Underground Racing Twin Turbo Gallardo. How much power? Here’s a clue: Lamborghini Gallardo LP2005-4.  Yes, 2005 horsepower!


This car has set a record at UNLIM500+ by running 21.852 on  a mile straight hitting, wait for it… 263 mph (423.2 kph)!




Achtung! S63 AMG Teased

Following the all-new W222 Mercedes-Benz S-Class’s reveal, it is no surprise it’ll be getting some AMG treatment, and finally, we have the first official teaser.

The W222 Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG will feature the same M157 motor found in most modern AMG’s today. The output is not yet known but it is expected to produce around 557 hp and around 590 lb-ft torque on a rear-wheel-drive platform. The new S63 AMG is also rumoured to be a part of the S trim found in the E63 AMG S and the CLS63 AMG S, this will evidently push the horsepower figure up to around 585 hp.

Expect a ridiculously powerful S65 AMG variant to join the AMG family too!

Lady Ferrari Owned By Single Egg

Well it’s not entirely new about what is happening in London; all the owners of beautiful supercars are being hated on by London residents because they are apparently causing too much havoc on the streets and disturbing all the residents from normal day-to-day living. For anyone who doesn’t know what we’re on about, watch the ‘Millionaire Boy Racers’ documentary.

With this video, it’s absolutely no surprise, this video was shot on Sloanne Street in London which is a hotspot for supercar spotters, oh and for angry residents! It seems someone watching from above saw this lovely yellow Ferrari 458 Italia Spider coming a mile off and decided to get an egg ready hopefully aiming for the womans’ head but instead, it ends up hitting the windscreen frame, scaring the living daylights out of the driver.